The Better Man

from by Blood of the Martyrs



"The Better Man"
Blinding darkness
Frozen to the bone
I see the darkness taking what was once my own life
It seems that she's taking me underneath these vicious waves

She's taking me underneath these waves
Dragging me to the depths of the sea
There's no hope in the open water
with a vessel crippled from front to back

We sail these violent seas
but can we make it to the shore

We sail these violent seas
but can this ship withstand the waves
We sail these violent seas
through the waves
We search the skyline to find the light we're desperate for
We will make it
We will make it to the shore

Oh God, have we not seen these shipwrecks before?
Like anchors, dragging me away
Pulling me beneath the sea

Pulling me under, pulling me faster, pulling us deep
We are sinking

But in the dark, a glimmer of hope
Man your Stations, man your stations

This ship is sinking
(Pulling me under)
This ship will take me with it
(Pulling me faster)
This ship is sinking
(Pulling me under)
If I choose to give up on it
(Pulling me deeper)

We've been fighting this battle this entire time with wounded hearts and blinded eyes
This ship can't withstand another restless night
Sailing in the open waters with a fractured compass has left me feeling lifeless
I've questioned why I fight this
But I have hope, because I know your lighthouse is on the shore
so for the first time in a long time, I'm not afraid anymore

Hoisting up my hope
I sail through the sea
You are the light
This vessel will not sink!

The light is shining
Cutting through the darkness
We will make it
We will bring this vessel home


from Endgame, released February 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Blood of the Martyrs Virginia

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